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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
5200th80,380xSabrx Synther's tilexSabrx SyntherPAJetpack JoyrideFlowerzWordamentTropico 4Grand Theft Auto VProfile
5201st80,379Seiryu Chi's tileSeiryu ChiVALipsIslands of WakfuSonic 4 Episode IIAngry Birds TrilogyBatman: AA GOTYProfile
5202nd80,348misterINSIDIOUS's tilemisterINSIDIOUSSCHitman: Absolution™South Park: TenormanLEGO® Batman™ 2The Godfather™Civilization Revolut'nProfile
5203rd80,335juliuz305's tilejuliuz305FLNeed for Speed™ RivalsTitanfallGuitar Hero World TourGuitar Hero IICOD: Black Ops IIProfile
5204th80,329NIGHTHAWK1024's tileNIGHTHAWK1024DEDeadlightSleeping Dogs™World of TanksNASCAR '14Call of Duty®: GhostsProfile
5205th80,325ZapDiggity's tileZapDiggityNJCall of Duty®: GhostsMagic 2014Magic 2013COD: Black Ops IIDefense GridProfile
5206th80,323Heath Strider's tileHeath StriderTXGrand Theft Auto VThe SaboteurMinecraftHalo: ReachGears of WarProfile
5207th80,310rhyan5's tilerhyan5PAWorld of TanksDungeon DefendersTC's RainbowSix Vegas2Grand Theft Auto VNHL® 14Profile
5208th80,306True Superstar's tileTrue SuperstarVAThe Walking DeadZumaStreet Fighter II' HFCrysis®2WWE 2K14Profile
5209th80,300Romario1605's tileRomario1605TNProfile
5210th80,293KloudStrife's tileKloudStrifeOKBioShock InfiniteThe Sims™ 3 PetsHalo 4Hitman: Absolution™Need for Speed™ RivalsProfile
5211th80,270Chaos Lawyer's tileChaos LawyerMOPeggleGotham City ImpostorsGeometry Wars Evolved²Gears of War 3BattleBlock TheaterProfile
5212th80,255DonSqueek's tileDonSqueekWAFable IIFable AnniversarySkyrimMass Effect 3Fable IIIProfile
5213th80,248rashfolk's tilerashfolkCNCastlevania: LoS 2South Park™: TSOTR.B.I. Baseball 14Castlevania:LOS-MOF HDSleeping Dogs™Profile
5214th80,240Lord Xuma's tileLord XumaMISouth Park™: TSOTOblivionTWD: Survival InstinctDARK SOULSDYNASTY WARRIORS 7Profile
5215th80,216Monsterbator's tileMonsterbatorNJGrand Theft Auto VAscend: Hand of KulBioShock InfiniteWWE 2K14The Wolf Among UsProfile
5216th80,190AmuricanPatriot's tileAmuricanPatriotILresident evil 4Grand Theft Auto VBatman™ Arkham OriginsCall of Duty®: GhostsBackyard Football '10Profile
5218th80,185Mr McGibblets87's tileMr McGibblets87KSMadden NFL 13Super Meat BoyCOD: Black Ops IITrials EvolutionThe Walking DeadProfile
5219th80,185crazykandyman's tilecrazykandymanNVBattlefield 4Toy Soldiers: Cold WarZone of the Enders HDFallout: New VegasCrysis®3Profile
5217th80,185Chill Will's tileChill WillNJYoung Justice: LegacyDeadlightBioShock InfiniteAmerican NightmareBatman™ Arkham OriginsProfile
5220th80,180Chi Town DPG's tileChi Town DPGILGrand Theft Auto VSaints Row IVNBA 2K14Madden NFL 25Dead IslandProfile
5221st80,145reaperforelife's tilereaperforelifeCNRocksmith 2014Tomb RaiderBandFuseWalking Dead: Season 2South Park™: TSOTProfile
5222nd80,125NecroLink90's tileNecroLink90PABattlefield 4Guitar Hero IIICall of Duty Black OpsSSX™Alice: Madness ReturnsProfile
5223rd80,121JIMBOZE's tileJIMBOZEOKHitman: Absolution™Trials EvolutionCall of Duty®: GhostsHalo 3Track and FieldProfile
5224th80,115Joey3455's tileJoey3455GAThe Wolf Among UsMadden NFL 13Toy Soldiers: Cold WarDead IslandMass Effect 3Profile

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