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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
3776th103,777Agent Menace's tileAgent MenaceCAFallout: New VegasDust: An Elysian TailSF3: Online EditionWalking Dead: Season 2Mass Effect 3Profile
3777th103,775Shnicklefritz5's tileShnicklefritz5MNLeft 4 Dead 2Clive Barker's JerichoModern Warfare® 3Fable IIIFable IIProfile
3778th103,775lasthope234's tilelasthope234NYDiablo IIITreasure HuntWordament Snap AttackMicrosoft JackpotBioShock InfiniteProfile
3779th103,774Apharmd Battler's tileApharmd BattlerINHalo: ReachKinect PartyCarnival Games®Fruit Ninja KinectStreetFighter IVProfile
3780th103,765FireWarrior316's tileFireWarrior316VAYu-Gi-Oh! MDWSOP: Full House ProBattleBlock TheaterMotocross MadnessWWE 2K14Profile
3781st103,750Al Cap0WNage's tileAl Cap0WNageSDBattlefield 3Battlefield 1943™Grand Theft Auto VGears of War: JudgmentGTA IVProfile
3782nd103,735Ham Woopan Jr's tileHam Woopan JrNYBioShock InfiniteSkyrimHappy WarsState of DecayAssassin's Creed IIProfile
3783rd103,726Travo0318's tileTravo0318OHNCAA® Football 14Battlefield 4WSOP: Full House ProGrand Theft Auto VPAYDAY 2Profile
3784th103,710Heretic Furby's tileHeretic FurbyCACastlevania: SOTNHalo 3DARK SOULSMetro: Last LightCrysis®3Profile
3785th103,710While Panther's tileWhile PantherMIWalking Dead: Season 2Grand Theft Auto VModern Warfare® 3MinecraftGears of War 3Profile
3786th103,699sKu Supreme's tilesKu SupremeMNCOD: Black Ops IIScene It? BOS!Tony Hawk's PS HDSouth Park: TenormanTetris EvolutionProfile
3787th103,678mcdevlin182's tilemcdevlin182CABulletstormHalo 4Toy Soldiers: Cold WarHappy Action TheaterWalking Dead: Season 2Profile
3788th103,656jackey boy 217's tilejackey boy 217NYRed Dead RedemptionSaints Row: The ThirdSaints Row IVWarfaceThe Orange BoxProfile
3789th103,649XsobervisionX's tileXsobervisionXNCHalo: ReachHitman: Absolution™Red Dead RedemptionFar Cry 3 Blood DragonDuke Nukem 3DProfile
3790th103,648Reaper 81516's tileReaper 81516MAMinecraftWWE 2K14Halo 4Modern Warfare® 3Madden NFL 11Profile
3791st103,601LoneWolf1601's tileLoneWolf1601PADARK SOULSDeadlightDARK SOULS IIresident evil 4Metal Gear Solid HDProfile
3792nd103,587BANGEM 978's tileBANGEM 978MAFallout: New VegasHexic HDJetpac RefuelledFamily Game NightBomberman LIVEProfile
3793rd103,582darkmount's tiledarkmountUTTerrariaDisney InfinitySplinterCell BlacklistMinecraftStreetFighter IVProfile
3794th103,578The Noto's tileThe NotoAZWordament Snap AttackWordamentAssassin's Creed® IIIAC Liberation HDWalking Dead: Season 2Profile
3795th103,555Ozzy518's tileOzzy518NYMinecraftBattleBlock TheaterGears of War: JudgmentMotocross MadnessTerrariaProfile
3796th103,541XxParsonsxX's tileXxParsonsxXCNDestinyHalo 4Halo WaypointGrand Theft Auto VThe Walking DeadProfile
3797th103,510xXxSN00PYxXx's tilexXxSN00PYxXxALProfile
3798th103,500Grenade Rising's tileGrenade RisingNJNARUTO STORM RCivilization Revolut'nGears of WarDestinyNARUTO STORM 3Profile
3799th103,483Panda Bard's tilePanda BardMSTorchlightMinecraftBioShock InfiniteSCOTT PILGRIM THE GAMEAssassin's Creed IVProfile
3800th103,480CPM1376's tileCPM1376KSFallout 3DARK SOULSXCOM: Enemy UnknownMass Effect 3Halo 4Profile

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