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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
3776th104,431Beyond Telos's tileBeyond TelosOHWarfaceWSOP: Full House ProVelvet AssassinKung Fu PandaDuckTales: RemasteredProfile
3777th104,425While Panther's tileWhile PantherMIWalking Dead: Season 2Grand Theft Auto VModern Warfare® 3MinecraftGears of War 3Profile
3778th104,409XsobervisionX's tileXsobervisionXNCBorderlands Pre-SequelGears of War 3DestinyHalo: ReachHitman: Absolution™Profile
3779th104,403incensed Kungfu's tileincensed KungfuIABorderlands 2Jurassic ParkTimeShiftDead IslandMLB 2K7Profile
3780th104,400lasthope234's tilelasthope234NYDiablo IIITreasure HuntWordament Snap AttackMicrosoft JackpotBioShock InfiniteProfile
3781st104,388Puppetface's tilePuppetfaceINDARK SOULSFallout 3AderaGears of WarGears of War 3Profile
3782nd104,374Chinar00nii's tileChinar00niiALGrand Theft Auto VBatman™ Arkham OriginsInjusticeGears of War 3StreetFighter IVProfile
3783rd104,360GeneralOnx's tileGeneralOnxPACall of Duty Black OpsLeft 4 Dead 2Fallout 3Halo: ReachHalo: CE AnniversaryProfile
3784th104,352Jabberwocky CPA's tileJabberwocky CPATXMonacoSouth Park™: TSOTToy Soldiers: Cold WarMortal Kombat ArcadePinball FX2Profile
3785th104,327HR21361's tileHR21361KYProfile
3786th104,310IEvilicious's tileIEviliciousAZCivilization Revolut'nRISK FactionsPAC-MAN CE DXPeggle 2Magic 2015Profile
3787th104,300Quiksilver2707's tileQuiksilver2707FLModern Warfare® 3Call of Duty ELITESaints Row: The ThirdBen 10 Ultimate AlienOblivionProfile
3788th104,265Zesty Cow's tileZesty CowMIDoritos Crash CourseMortal KombatCall of Duty Black OpsHarm's WayTC's GRAW2Profile
3789th104,261XLVIPERLX's tileXLVIPERLXUTForza Motorsport 4DARK SOULSRed Faction ArmageddonGears of War 3Gears of War 2Profile
3790th104,247Aftrthought051's tileAftrthought051LAMinecraftBorderlands 2Call of Duty®: GhostsTitanfallBee Movie™ GameProfile
3791st104,218NV Walker72's tileNV Walker72FLBINARY DOMAINCommand and Conquer 3Darksiders IIBorderlands 2DefianceProfile
3792nd104,215homerswrath's tilehomerswrathTXDestinyGrand Theft Auto VMinecraftCOD: Black Ops IIFIFA 13Profile
3793rd104,174freaknpierce's tilefreaknpierceWIRed Dead RedemptionMinecraftGuitar Hero MetallicaDishonoredDiablo IIIProfile
3794th104,093Veganforpeace's tileVeganforpeaceOHresident evil 4SSX™FarCry ClassicVANQUISHDiablo IIIProfile
3795th104,064ccryder527's tileccryder527WVWorld of TanksHalo 4The Sims™ 3MinecraftDestinyProfile
3796th104,049xxxABSINTHExxx's tilexxxABSINTHExxxMIKoA: ReckoningCall of Duty Black OpsHalo: ReachBorderlands 2TW PGA TOUR®14Profile
3797th104,039J Rod1515's tileJ Rod1515PARock Band 2DestinySpec Ops: The LineBorderlands 2The Smurfs™ 2Profile
3798th104,011o CLAYBOY o's tileo CLAYBOY oMOGears of War 3WSOP: Full House ProSplinterCell BlacklistGrand Theft Auto VGTA IV PCProfile
3799th104,000RiIey's tileRiIeyNYNBA 2K15PAC-MAN MUSEUMHalo: ReachGotham City ImpostorsGears of WarProfile
3800th103,975CAPERJIM's tileCAPERJIMCNFallout: New VegasBattlefield: Bad Co. 2Call of Duty 4Call of Duty 2Medal of Honor™Profile

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