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Xbox America Gamerscore Leaderboard

Xbox America's leaderboards are seperated into state leaderboards and an overall Xbox America leaderboard. Gamers are ranked by their gamerscores. Gamers with their played games set to private are not allowed to be in the top ten of a leaderboard in order to prevent game savers from dominating the leaderboard.

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Combined Xbox Live Leaderboard
RankScoreTileGamertagRegionRecently PlayedProfile
2476th130,549zerohero4life's tilezerohero4lifeUTDeus Ex: Human Rev.Advanced WarfareMinecraftThe Evil WithinBorderlands Pre-SequelProfile
2477th130,536Dead Ericson's tileDead EricsonARGrand Theft Auto VViva Piñata: TIPCivilization Revolut'nBattleBlock TheaterThe Witcher 2Profile
2478th130,530angelus12778's tileangelus12778NYDuke Nukem ForeverSplinterCell BlacklistWWE 2K14NIERThe Simpsons™ GameProfile
2479th130,514KITTENS R CUTE's tileKITTENS R CUTETNModern Warfare® 2Modern Warfare® 3COD: Black Ops IIAngry Birds SW IISecrets and TreasureProfile
2480th130,496DILLYD79's tileDILLYD79KYModern Warfare® 3BorderlandsAC BrotherhoodLEGO® PiratesRAGEProfile
2481st130,476TRASH C69's tileTRASH C69MIPrison BreakForce Unleashed IICall of Duty Black OpsFable IIIOF: Dragon RisingProfile
2482nd130,475L4ug1ng L0cu5t's tileL4ug1ng L0cu5tGAGears of War 3FIFA 12MEGA MAN 9Zombie Apocalypse: NDADARK SOULSProfile
2483rd130,470ZoSomma's tileZoSommaCTMicrosoft SolitaireMicrosoft MinesweeperCall of Duty®: GhostsMicrosoft MahjongWalking Dead: Season 2Profile
2484th130,453D3S3RT SN4KE's tileD3S3RT SN4KENYFable IIIFable IIMs. Splosion ManGTA: San AndreasFable AnniversaryProfile
2485th130,335Planet1979's tilePlanet1979RIDestinyDisney Little MermaidAssassin's CreedWordament Snap AttackMinecraftProfile
2486th130,325Cracker Jack T5's tileCracker Jack T5FLU. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3Grand Theft Auto VInjusticeBejeweled Blitz LIVETC's RainbowSix Vegas2Profile
2487th130,315hotcurls3088's tilehotcurls3088KSLEGO® Star Wars® IIIPrison BreakSkyrimEscape Dead IslandHalo 3: ODSTProfile
2488th130,273o Xxplicit o's tileo Xxplicit oNHDARK SOULS IINBA 2K13Call of Duty®: GhostsMadden NFL 13Bejeweled 2Profile
2489th130,246TheKillerOmnian's tileTheKillerOmnianCTDead Island RiptideBorderlands Pre-SequelSkyrimTomb Raider:LegendAscend: Hand of KulProfile
2490th130,225Onslaught Gamer's tileOnslaught GamerOHShoot Many RobotsCall of Duty Black OpsShuffle PartyGrand Theft Auto VMinecraftProfile
2491st130,220ixcombatburtxi's tileixcombatburtxiORProfile
2492nd130,213KnightRider1807's tileKnightRider1807FLBattlefield 3Forza Motorsport 4SkyrimModern Warfare® 3Halo: CE AnniversaryProfile
2493rd130,136slade35's tileslade35NYFruit NinjaTransformers: WFCCut the RopeUNO & FriendsShuffle PartyProfile
2494th130,128Last Level Boss's tileLast Level BossCTAscend: Hand of KulDR2: CASE ZEROState of DecayArmy of TWO™: TDCResident Evil Rev.Profile
2495th130,116Red Spikes's tileRed SpikesNYMagic 2015Walking Dead: Season 2DmC Devil May CryWarfaceBioShock InfiniteProfile
2496th130,041Dark ExiDouS's tileDark ExiDouSPACall of Duty Black OpsHalo: ReachCastle CrashersBionicle HeroesModern Warfare® 2Profile
2497th130,015Jak of all Aces's tileJak of all AcesVTHalo: ReachHalo 3Halo: Spartan AssaultHalo 4Gears of War 3Profile
2498th129,990Dark Dezz's tileDark DezzFLDARK SOULS IILEGO® LotRThe SplattersThiefBejeweled 3Profile
2499th129,930U7ysses S Gr4nt's tileU7ysses S Gr4ntALXCOM: Enemy WithinThe BureauBatman™ Arkham OriginsGears of War 3Halo 3: ODSTProfile
2500th129,910Shadow Austin's tileShadow AustinMODestinyGTA: San AndreasViva Piñata: TIPMass EffectYarisProfile

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